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Welcome to Power Torque Bundaberg brake repair mechanic`s here are the some of the brake services we cover for your car, 4x4, van, bus, truck, machinery & caravan.

  • Front & Rear Reline – Worn components are replaced with parts that match or exceed origi


    nal Manufactures specifications or when an up grade or change in driving conditions demands a different performance standard
  • Disc & Drum Machining – for optimum life, smooth operation and better performance
  • Disc Grinding - To match Original Manufactures Specifications for smooth operation and optimum life


  • Complete inspection
  • Replacing pads or shoes
  • Lube calipers and hardware
  • Disc & Drum Machining
  • Test Drive
  • Labor included

Faulty Brake Signals

    1. DRAG - Sticking brakes, hot wheels or engine which seems to have lost power.  Brakes may be failing to release; the condition can reverse itself, leaving you with no brakes at all.
    2. PULL - Vehicle pulls to one side when brakes are applied.  May be underinflated tire, misadjusted brakes or brakes are in need of repair.
    3. HARD PEDAL - Requires extreme pressure to make brakes function.  Can indicate power brake trouble, restricted hydraulic lines, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders, or damaged brake linings
    4. BRAKE LIGHTS - Red indicates a problem as simple as the parking brake on, or low fluid, to something as serious as a hydraulic system failure.  Yellow indicates deactivation of your ABS system.  While your brakes should work, it does require inspection at the first opportunity.
    5. VIBRATION - Brake pedal, steering wheel or entire vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when brake is applied.  May indicate need to resurface disc brake rotors - or signal a serious problem of a loose component or faulty steering mechanism.
    6. SQUEAL - Brakes should operate with a minimal amount of noise.  Some noise is normal but excessive squeal, screech, grinding, groaning, chatter, clatter or bang means your brakes need attention.
    7. LOW PEDAL - Pedal nearly touches floorboard before brakes function.  May activate your brake warning light.  Problem may require a simple adjustment - or indicate something much more serious.
    8. GRAB - "Touchy" brakes that grab with the least pressure.  May indicate a problem as simple as grease or oil contaminated linings - or as serious as loose or broken component ready to fail in an emergency.